The objective of this page is to keep members informed of upcoming training events.

The club conducts the following training:

  • Firearm Safety courses
  • IPSC courses
  • Club Range Officer courses

If you are interested in any training forward your details to the Trainers via e-mail. Clearly state what training you are interested in. You should also read and be sure you can comply with the Practical Shooting - Candidate Acceptance and Training Policy document.

Firearms Safety Course

New members who have recently joined our section, must completed the Para Safety Course. This course is mandatory for all members and is to be completed within 6 months of joining.

If you have recently joined PPSC and have not completed the Para safety course please confirm both with the Trainers and the canteen staff, to ensure you are nominated for the next booking.

IPSC Holster Proficiency Course

New members are required to attend a mandatory holster proficiency course and assessment. This is required before applying to take ownership of a firearm. Please contact the Trainers for further details.

Club Range Officer Course

Para provides a Club Range Officer (RO) course scheduled 'on demand'. Ideally, we would like to see every member trained as an RO as this provides flexibility when splitting off into groups for matches, and also covers the Club requirements for having trained RO's managing the stages.

If you would like to obtain this certification please ask the canteen attendant for the RO Course book when you next sign in, and put your name on the list. The club will contact you when the next course is available.