The objective of this page is to keep members informed of various club issues. All notices of general interest for Club members will be posted here.

Cardboard Targets Disposal

Just a notification to let you know that SSAA Para is now supplying the Practical Section with a dedicated blue wheelie bin for our old targets and anything else made out of cardboard.

Please ensure you use the bins and don’t stack any more cardboard/targets next to the waste bin.

Please also ensure you only deposit cardboard/targets into these recycling bins.

Legislative Changes

Link to the SAPOL site that explains the new Firearms Legislation.

Club Match Structure

Each discipline at SSAA Para requires a functional committee to not only represent the Section at Council,
but to establish and maintain a harmonious and safe environment for competitors and spectators alike.

IPSC is a fascinating sport and there are many people who freely give up their personal time outside of match day to ensure we can participate in.... READ MORE HERE


If you have recently joined Para and have not completed the club safety course can you please confirm both with the Secretary and the canteen, to ensure you are nominated for the next booking?

Para also provides a club Range Officer (RO) course which is scheduled 'on demand'. Ideally, we would like to see every member trained as an RO as this provides flexibility when splitting off into groups for matches, and also covers the Club requirements for having trained RO's managing the stages.

If you would like to obtain this certification please ask the canteen attendant for the RO Course book when you next sign in, and put your name on the list. The club will contact you when the next course is available, which should be reasonably soon if enough of us fill the available positions.

Please contact the Secretary either by e-mail or at the next match to discuss any queries or details.


SAPOL are giving shooters on their way to Ranges a little extra attention. Ammunition in the boot of your car has to be in a separate locked box. Unlocked ammo boxes are not deemed to be separately secure in a locked boot.

Ammunition Re-loaders

If you are a re-loader of ammunition, you are reminded that the storage of more than 3 kg of gunpowder requires a license. For full details, please refer to the South Australian Explosives Act 1936.

Committee Meetings

Club committee meetings are held from time to time. The following minutes are available for download.

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Annual section AGM minutes are available here.

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