PPSC Calendar

Shown below are the official scheduled club shoots for 2023. Live calendar is displayed from the PractiScore feed at the bottom of the page. You can use the links in this calendar to register for a match when available.

Members are reminded that match nominations close at 11:59pm online the day before the event and 10.00am at the range on the day of the event. Please arrive at least 45 minutes before match start, to assist in setting up. All matches are a minimum of 100 rounds, and IPSC rules apply.

January 8th Handgun
22nd Handgun BBQ
February 5th Handgun
19th Handgun
25th Shotgun Saturday Match
March 5th Handgun
19th Handgun BBQ
April 2nd Handgun
16th Handgun
22nd Handgun Saturday Match
May 7th Handgun
21st Handgun
June 4th Handgun BBQ
18th Handgun
24th Shotgun Saturday Match
July 2nd Handgun
16th Handgun
August 6th Handgun
20th Handgun  AGM /BBQ
September 3rd Handgun
17th Handgun
October 1st Handgun
14th/15th Club Working Bee
28th Handgun Saturday Match
November 5th Handgun
12th STiCs match preparations
19th STiCs Match
25th Shotgun Saturday Match
December 3rd Handgun
17th Handgun